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Guitar Lesson in studio environment (#5465)

Guitar lesson in a studio environment!
From beginner to expert, young to mature.
(At the moment my youngest student is 9 years old and my oldest is over 40.)

-Learn how to play by ear and improvise better.

-Improve your “feel” so you will be able to improvise and play a wide range of music genre!

-Study guitar techniques like hammer ons, pull offs, tapping, sweep, alternate picking, legato, etc

-Train your ears to be able to know & predict the chords that are being played or are going to be played.

-Lessons are designed more towards real life application rather than just theories.

Lesson may include (if you wish to learn these) the technical side of guitar playing such as : guitar effects, building a guitar rig, digital audio workstations & plug ins, digital recording, guitar set-up, effect chain, etc.

Studio environment. Relaxed, friendly and professional!

Check out the website for audios, videos and more info
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Author Diego Hariswara
Type Available
Category Music Teachers
Expires 26th April 2017

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