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Guitar Lessons North Shore (#5378)

I have played professionally in Australia and NZ for 30 years, and have 14 years tutoring experience, and I teach one on one from my home studio in Birkenhead. I teach very contemporary as well as "old school" music of all genres to a wide age group of all levels. I don't bombard students with theory but rather introduce it in the context of a song making it painless. I cover reading of music and charts, chord formation, scales and improvisation, rhythms and feels,fingering techniques, time signatures etc.
My job is find the best way to pass on my skills to each student, and everyone's different, and try and make it FUN along the way

You can contact me on 09 4191016 / 0276215449 or through my band website

Author Rick Poole
Location Auckland
Type Available
Category Music Teachers
Expires 22nd February 2017

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