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Experienced Rock Covers Singer (#5712)

Hey everyone

I am a 40 something year old male (still think I'm 20 lol), with quite a few years experience singing for pub rock covers bands. I sang in bands on the West Coast for all of my 20's and I then life got in the way. I sung for a band in Christchurch a few years back but due to personal reasons I had to give that up. I am now very keen to get back into the scene and most of all Jam with some like minded people. I also played bass and guitar in a few bands over the years but definitely call myself a singer. Love everything from the Beatles to Ozzy and everything in between.

Author Barry Lorimer
Location Christchurch
Type Available
Category Musicians - Vocalists
Expires 28th January 2017

Views: 200 Added: 30th October 2016

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