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Warwick and Framus instruments carbon neutral

Gear Talk Warwick and Framus instruments carbon neutral

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Framus Warwick

Warwick and Framus instruments carbon neutral

Without a shadow of a doubt, the climate change issue, which is often linked to the high COemissions of our modern society, is one of the most discussed topics of our time. We at Framus and Warwick are the first manufacturer in the music industry world-wide to succeed in realizing carbon neutral production of its instruments.

But what is the meaning of carbon neutrality? The idea behind this conception is far more complex than simply attempting to minimize CO2 emissions. Instead, it is based on the so-called CO2 footprint concept, which allows companies from every industry sector to both determine and compensate their CO2 output effectively.

For every business, the first step towards carbon neutral production is compiling an account of its overall CO2 emissions. The result is referred to as its CO2 footprint. It provides every company with a detailed breakdown of its CO2 output and allows it to identify the adjustments needed to minimize it. Furthermore, every business is offered the opportunity to compensate its carbon footprint by supporting international environmental protection projects.

This is made possible by obtaining so-called emission certificates. By doing so, every company is given the opportunity to become a part of a large variety of projects ranging from the construction of wind energy plants up to water treatment and afforestation projects. Currently, we are supporting an afforestation project within Gorongosa National Park located in the Sofala province in East Mozambique.

As a result, the concept of Carbon neutrality allows every company and every manufacturer to contribute to climate protection efficiently and effectively, and provides them with the guarantee that their efforts truly make a difference.

Once again, we at Framus & Warwick have succeeded in setting new standards. We hope that many will follow in our footsteps and help secure the future of both our children and our world.

Source: Warwick