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The Focusrite Heritage Sound

Gear Talk The Focusrite Heritage Sound

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The Focusrite Heritage Sound

The Focusrite company grew out of a 1985 request from Sir George Martin to legendary recording console designer Rupert Neve to build a no-compromise mic pre and EQ for the console at Air Montserrat. The resulting modules, named the Input Signal Amplifier (ISA), featured a transformer-coupled mic preamplifier and were later sold as outboard units. They rapidly became renowned for their sound. After Phil Dudderidge became the owner of Focusrite in 1989, the now-expanded range became part of the legendary Focusrite Studio Console, of which only ten were made – some of which are still in use today. Find out more about the Studio Console here.

"The ISA Preamp sounds great on anything that has high transients and I love the Focusrite EQ; it is so efficient"

Rafa Sardina - Producer, Mixer, Engineer
Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Celine Dion, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Elvis Costello and the Roots.

The Lundahl Story

The mic pres, EQ and dynamics of the Studio Console formed the basis of the distinctive Red Range, launched in 1993 to worldwide acclaim for their unique warmth and character. These designs, virtually unchanged today, lie at the heart of the ISA Range and the Red 1 500 and preserve that unique sound – we call it the Focusrite Heritage Sound – along with their ability to get the best out of any microphone, vintage or modern. We even use the same transformer in the mic pre as we did then – the Lundahl 1538 – and you can discover the Lundahl story here.

"Just as I liked the original, I like the Focusrite 428 MkII a lot. It features the same Lundahl transformers, is easy to use, sounds great, and delivers the goods as advertised"

Pro Sound Network

The Range

Over the years, the Focusrite Heritage Sound has been behind hundreds of hits made by top artists, producers and engineers working in leading studios around the world. It can be your sound too, thanks to Focusrite’s range of ISA modules and the ‘lunchbox’ style Red 1 500. Let us introduce you to the range with this video or go straight to the product pages to find out more about the individual products.

The Preamps

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