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Ehrlund Microphones Sweden

Gear Talk Ehrlund Microphones Sweden

  • 2017 09 05 Ehrlund news

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Ehrlund Microphones

Ehrlund Microphones Sweden

About Ehrlund

Next generation microphone technology from the heart of Sweden.

In the province Dalarna in the very heart of Sweden, you will find Ehrlund in a village called Siljansnäs. Dalarna – the most Swedish of landscapes – with red-coloured cottages, glimmering lake in the foreground and deep forest in the background. The brightly-coloured model Dala Horse, happy Swedes sporting traditional dress, dancing around a maypole.

But that is not all you find in Dalarna. In Siljansnäs history and tradition meets innovative cutting edge technology, ready to be spread over the world through the amazing Ehrlund microphone sound.

Please view this video where Sven Åke explains the technology behind the Ehrlund Microphones.



Göran Ehrlund

The man behind the triangular membrane

Göran Ehrlund has been working with sound and recording technology for over 30 years. He is a born inventor who built his very first mandolin at school woodworking classes, which he fitted with a loudspeaker that could be used as a microphone.

Göran is driven by the desire to develop new and technologically innovative solutions. In the 1980s, he came up with the idea of a triangular microphone membrane in his recording studio. The restricted studio space put big demands on a good sound and after various experiments, he discovered a triangle was the optimum shape. It reduced self resonance and reproduced the natural sound.

Ehrlund Microphones was started in 2005 by Göran Ehrlund in Stora Skedvi in Dalarna, Sweden. In 2007, Ehrlund started working with Research Electronics in Siljansnäs. Research Electronics has been in business since 1987 and has wide ranging experience of electronic design and the type of electronics with low self noise vital for a high sensitivity microphone. This partnership enabled the microphone to reach its full potential and sales began to really take off.

Göran Ehrlund has now patented his triangular microphone capsule and triangular pickup. The company has delivered mics to studios, live acts and radio stations all around the planet.

Sven Åke “SÅE” Eriksson

The genious behind the electronics.

Sven Åke Eriksson is a professor in mathematic electronics and an inventor. His huge work with satellite receivers for armies around the world have made him a important factor for transmitting and receiving frequencies with highest accuracy.

He made a innovative electronic circuit that gives a linear phase curve and took the discussion about stereo matched mic’s to its end. The circuit creates the most quiet microphone in the market due to brilliant patented electronics. In tests, engineers have been hugely impressed with the brilliant sound and cannot wait for his next invention!

Combining natural sound with the right electronics has resulted in a microphone with incredible sound pickup qualities.

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