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A&F Drums Now in NZ!

Gear Talk A&F Drums Now in NZ!

  • 2017 08 A F Drums

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A&F Drums Now in NZ!

A&F Drum Company produce stunning, handcrafted, boutique drums in Austin Texas, USA.

After many years of research and development A&F began production in 2016 and quickly established their unique point of difference, drums that are astonishing sonically just as they are aesthetically.

Simple Design, Practical Application, Brilliant Sound.. these are the pillars that A&F Drums are built upon.

Ramy Antoun set out to make a raw brass snare drum reminiscent in look and sound of the treasured vintage drums he discovered during his many years as a studio and touring musician. Ramy worked tirelessly with local craftsman, Steve Furcinitti, to pursue his vision of hand made raw brass shells, round, center-mounted brass lugs, rolled brass hoops, leather washers and vintage style clips. The desire to create a handcrafted drum that stood the test of time resulted in the A&F Drum Co original 14x4 raw brass snare drum. Limited in production to a finite 100, this patented design drum is a rare gem.

A F Drums 9183

14x4 Raw Brass Snare Drum

Challenged to create the companion kit, A&F created the Club & Field Kits which are composed of an exclusive thin configuration 7 ply shell in either Maple or Mahogany with curated finishes, no re-rings or inside bearing edge, an A&F reverse baseball outer edge, and leather washers.

A F Drums 9248

A&F Black Club Drumkit

In October of 2016, Ramy went to work on another vision, an all-raw Brass Kit. He worked diligently with A&F Chief Craftsman Tabber Millard and A&F Brass Specialist Nikki Spencer on prototyping different thicknesses and welding approaches, with the focus on sound, weight, and durability. “Its one of the most challenging things we’ve worked on as well as one of the most rewarding! I couldn’t be more proud of our team and the amazing A&F Royals!” says Ramy of their most recent accomplishment.

All Royal Kits are sonically warm and punchy, light weight, durable, and hand made from our patented raw brass shells, lugs, hoops, and hardware. You can opt for the collectors “Elite” series for an upcharge, which comes with our Walnut mini hoops (3/4”) and an A&F Exclusive hand engraved design on all shells.

A F Drums 9396

A&F Royal Drumkit

A&F now have an amazing array of snare drums:

A F Drums 9183 A F Drums 9155  A F Drums 9146
 Rude Boy 13x3 Snare Drum  14x5.5 Snare Drum  14x6.5 Snare Drum

Along with innovations such as the SNOM, an add on to any tom placing snare wires, throw off and a snare bed cut into the bottom resonant shell.

A F Drums 9174 a f drums 9262 1 1

With a connoisseur's appetite for exceptional sound and a beautiful aesthetic, Antoun & Family continue their quest to blend old-world craftsmanship with new world sounds.