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LR Baggs Clinic – Nelson

Events LR Baggs Clinic – Nelson

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30th May 2017 @ 6:30pm Nelson Rockshop, 17 Bridge Street, Nelson Print this page Email a friend
Lr Baggs Rockshop

LR Baggs Clinic – Nelson

Rockshop & L.R. Baggs Presents…



American fingerstyle wizard Richard Gilewitz packs in years of experience from playing, conducting clinics and heading up guitar and ukulele workshops worldwide, sharing some real live hints on increasing playing skills, fingerstyle techniques, guitars and gear. The 1-hour workshops allow students to quickly zone in on the strength and weakness of their fingerpicking techniques for both guitar and ukulele. Bring your instruments, paper and pencil for notes, and be ready to have a blast. 

Whether a hobbyist, weekend warrior or full time professional, you’ll be entertained and inspired as this globetrotting 6 & 12-string player shares his experiences as a performer and master teacher, as well as his journey into the world of ukulele. Author of Mel Bay Publications’ “Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop”, Gilewitz demonstrates ways to achieve a great sound, rekindle the love of playing an instrument, and why playing a guitar can be a life-long craft. This is a rare opportunity to study with this master teacher who is the creator of “GillaCamp”- the ultimate guitar experience. Richard is also a TrueFire Sherpa and writer for UK Acoustic Magazine, Uke Magazine (UK), and the L2P Network. He has been acknowledged in Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Player Magazine, Spectrum Magazine, and many other trade journals.

6:00pm – Doors Open

6:30-7:30pm – LR Baggs Clinic (FREE): This event will be filled with a brief performance followed by a jam-packed seminar on the effective use of pickups, their similarities and differences. Sponsored by Rockshop, this event is open to the public as a community event and all are welcomed.

Additional Workshops:

$20 for each OR $35 for both

7:30-8:30pm – Ukulele Adventures Workshop: Using a simple tune, you’ll learn fingerpicking basics that can be easily applied to the ukulele. The session deals with fingerpicking patterns and simple chords that will get you started into the exciting world of the ukulele. Beginners will easily pick up techniques while advanced ukulele players will experience the fun of fingerstyle patterns and hone their craft.

8:30-9:30pm – Guitar Workshop: The Fingerpicking Engine and Rhythm Studies: You’ll learn chops, licks, knuckles and stuff that will start your fingerpicking engine which is the base for fingerstyle guitar. Learn easy picking patterns, strumming, chord shapes, transfers, and how to add life to your tunes with fingerstyle playing. Add some important rhythm techniques and your guitar world will expand beyond your wildest dreams.

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