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2017 NZ DMC DJ Competition

Events 2017 NZ DMC DJ Competition

  • 2017 08 18 DMC Event Page Hero

2nd September 2017 @ 9:00pm The Grand, 69-71 Courtenay place, Wellington, New Zealand 6011, Wellington Print this page Email a friend
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2017 NZ DMC DJ Competition

This is one of the best DJ competitions in the world and this year NZ is sending 2 people to London to compete for the world title. 

New Zealand has always boxed above our weight with many of our top DJs placing in the DMC World Finals and this is your opportunity to see our world-class DJ talent up close and personal.

More details to come...

This is an R18 event.

Hosted by King Kapisi with HostDJ DJ SPELL and guest showcase from Big Ruse.

Powered by Rockshop NZ with thanks to Reloop - Solutions for DJsUDG Gear and Denon DJ.

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DMC launched the DMC WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIPS in 1985 when a young Londoner called Roger Johnson took the first title in London's fantastic Hippodrome where DMC staged a DJ Convention. 

It took America's DJ Cheese in 1986 to bring the best out of the turntables by scratching his way to DMC's first ever World Title. An unhappy runner-up, Holland's Orlando Voorn grabbed the mic from the events MC and founder Tony Prince and bellowed the immortal word's "What is this, a Mixing Competition or a Scratching Competition?" 

By the following year, turntable tricks started to establish themselves with the emergence of props, body tricks and a variety of scratching techniques, DJs scratched with bicycles and even kitchen sinks, Chad Jackson used a billiard cue and an American football to help him become the 1987 Champion. And the venue that had never before featured a DJ let alone heard hip-hop riffs, the Royal Albert Hall rang to the mighty sound of scratching, yet to be called turntablism. 

A year later at the same venue, 5000 fans witnessed the birth of an American DJ god when Cash Money flew in from Philly to show everyone the way forward. They call him old school these days but back then he was very much new school. No one had seen anything like him. There were many influential DJs in the history of the DMC's but none more so than Cash. 

During these days, EVERYONE wanted to join the DJs at a DMC Final, Run DMC, Public Enemy, Janet Jackson and James Brown honoured us with their presence. 

Watch the 2017 NZ DMC Competition Promo Clip here