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Red Bull Studios Auckland ‘Re-Up’: Team Dynamite

  • Red Bull Studios Auckland ‘Re-Up’: Team Dynamite

11th May 2017

Red Bull Studios Auckland ‘Re-Up’: Team Dynamite

Team Dynamite’s music will make you dance at a funeral and played twice a day, it’ll make your plants grow up to 3 times faster.

Their chemistry is something like the day Mario met Luigi.
Like the perfect double date for Salt N Peppa.
Like Lethal Weapon without the mullets.

With Auckland’s most lovable horsey face, Goonie Hodges (aka Haz Beats) on production, their sound is so perfectly suited for summer it almost sounds like the hi-hats were sampled from two cicadas making love.

After sessions deep recording at Red Bull Studios Auckland they’ve offered up the stems to their track ‘Coconut Lime’ ft. Che Fu.

Now’s your chance to put your spin on the #1 track, unlocking a Native Instruments Kontrol S49, thanks to our friends at Rockshop + a day in Red Bull Studio, and a years supply of WINGS.

1. Download the stems here:

2. Put your spin on ‘Coconut Lime.'

3. Upload your REMIX to soundcloud with the tag #TEAMDYNAMITEREUP #REDBULLSTUDIOS and submit via wall post here.

​Entries close May 11th, and Team Dynamite will announce winner March 15th at 20:00.

* Disclaimer: Stems and upload of remix are limited to entrance of the Red Bull Studios Re-Up competition only. Permission must be requested and approved in written form to use stems beyond competition capacity.