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York Street


York Street

For many years “York Street” has been new Zealand’s leading music recording, mixing and mastering facility.

Offering the best vintage analogue and state of the art digital equipment, friendly and knowledgeable staff, a creative and comfortable environment… and extremely good espresso coffee.

From demo’s to "single" production packages and full albums.  York Street has been the home of some of New Zealand's finest recordings

Located in Parnell, Auckland our studio is only minutes from the central city. 


The heart of our control room is our vintage 1974 EMI Neve. There were 7 of these fantastic sounding consoles made by the legends at Neve specifically for EMI studios around the world, one of which was in Wellington New Zealand. We were able to track down all of our consoles relatives. One is at U2’s studio in Dublin, one is at ICP studios in Brussels, Belgium, two have been put together as one large console and is in Steakhouse Studios in Hollywood CA, Two are currently being put together at the Great Linford Manor in England and number 7 is here with us at York Street in New Zealand

All of these consoles have been heavily modified over the years and ours is the only one left in its original condition. Our console (serial number A3095) is fitted with 24 inputs all with the very rare and sought after 1093 modules (5 band EQ) and has 16 returns. The console uses 1977 channel routing units and 3415 line amps. Kept in Immaculate condition our console is a lovely sounding beast.


70s Classic EMI Neve w/1093 Pre modules w/5 band parametric EQ
2 x Pro Tools HD II Exel, version 9.3
32X Apogee 24 Bit  A/D D/A Converters
Apogee Big Ben Clock
Sony 2" 24 Track APR 24

Sony DDS4 data dat backup system
Fostex D-25 (DAT)
Tascam DA-30 MKII (DAT)


Genelec 8050's with Genlec Sub
Yamaha NS 10 (with 200W subs)
ATC SCM 200 (Tri Amped)
Winchcombe/Dynaudio (Custom)
Genelec 1031As


2x Urei 1176 Universal Audio Blackface
Compressor/ Limiter (stereo linkable)
4x EMI TG 12413 Compressor/ Limiter
1x EMI RS 168 A Stereo Limiter
1x Urei LA-12 Stereo Compressor/Limiter
1x Manley Variable-Mu Stereo Limiter/Compressor
2x Alan Smart Stereo Compressor/ Limiter
2x TLA Tube Stereo Compressor/Limiter
1x ADR F760X RS Compex Stereo
Compressor/ Limiter
1x DBX 160 X Compressor/ Limiter
3x Drawmer DS 201 Noise Gates
1x DBX FS 900 Stereo De-Esser

1x Lexicon 480L with LRC
1x Yamaha Rev 5 Digital Reverb
1x Yamaha Rev 7 Digital Reverb
1x Klark Teknik DN 780 Digital Reverb
1x Roland SRV 2000 Digital Reverb
1x Lexicon PCM 60 Digital Reverb

1x SSL G383 2 Channel Mic Pre-Amp /EQ
1x TLA Tube 2 Channel Mic/Line Pre/EQ
1x Buzz Audio/Farrantec V-A2 Mic Pre/D.I

1x Roland RE 201 Space Echo
1x Roland SDE 3000 Digital Delay
1x Roland SDE 1000 Digital Delay
1x Korg SDD 1000 Digital Delay
1x Time Matrix 8 Tap Digital Delay
1x Behringer EX 1 Stereo Image Enhancer

1x Manley Massive Passive Stereo EQ
2x Aphex Aural Exciter Type C
1x Eventide H 3000 Ultra Harmoniser
TC Electronic TC 120 Spatial
Expander/Stereo Chorus/Flanger
1x SPL SX2 Psychoacoustic Equaliser
1x Korg DTR Digital Rack Tuner


2x Neumann U 87
1x Neumann U 67
2x Neumann U 147 Tube
1x Neumann U 47 FET
2x B&K 4004 Omnis
2x AKG C 414 B-ULS
2x AKG C 414
2x AKG C 460 B
2x AT 4033
2x AKG C 3000
1x AKG C 1000
1x AKG C 5600 B
3x AKG SE 300 B
2x AKG C 535 EB
2x AKG D 112
5x Shure SM 57
2x Shure SM 58
4x Sennheiser MD 421
1x Beyerdynamic M 69
1x Beyerdynamic M 66
1x Calrec CB 20 C
2x Coles 4038*


Gretsch Drums

Zildjian Cymbals

2x Hammond Organs
1x Leslie Cabinets
1x Pleyel Grand Piano
1x Rhodes Piano


Mackie SRM450V2 Active Speakers for Live Room Playback & Live To Airs