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Mt Eden


Mt Eden

As a dubstep production duo Mt Eden Jesse Cooper and Harley Rayner are truly putting New Zealand and dubstep as a genre on the map. You could write that off as industry hyperbole but in this case a little braggabio is entirely apt: to date the New Zealand based act can claim over 70 million collective plays of their tracks on YouTube - more than any other New Zealand act ever.

What started as a hobby in their early teens has morphed into international success for the pair, who only started posting their music online after a friend created a YouTube channel for them in early 2010. Within months their total hit count was in the millions and rising, all of a sudden the bedroom producers and amateur DJs were staring down the barrel of international renown and feeling appropriately blown away.

Having first made their mark with the epic ‘Sierra Leone’, Mt Eden have since remixed tracks by Ruby Frost, Six60 and legendary producer DJ Fresh, as well as many other incredible local and international artists - simultaneously building a large enough collection of their own material to warrant the recent release of their EP MEDS

Live Mt Eden’s shows are built around moments - extended build-ups, drum solos, double and triple drops - the focus always being to generate momentum and keep the crowd in the right frame of mind. Featuring a lot of unreleased material - including their own unreleased bootlegs, unheard edits of their own tunes and unreleased tracks from other artists - every Mt Eden set is a unique journey.

Mt Eden use:

Pioneer CDJ2000 Media Players

Pioneer DJM900 Nexus DJ Mixer

Ableton Live Software

Pearl Drums

Zildjian Cymbals

Roland SPD-SX, Roland Electronic Drum Triggers

Mackie HR824 Studios Monitors

Native Instruments Komplete Software