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Midnight Youth


Midnight Youth

Midnight Youth are a band that formed in 2006. Their debut album, The Brave Don't Run, was released in 2009 in New Zealand and Australia. The band have subsequently toured and played festivals across Australasia, the United States and Asia. Their second studio album, World Comes Calling was released in October 2011.

Midnight Youth came together while at Rangitoto College in Auckland's North Shore with three members of the band playing together in New Zealand's high school Rockquest competition. They were previously known as Resonate. Jeremy Redmore and Nick Campbell joined the group in mid-2006 after their lead singer, Scott Franz, left due to creative differences.

The band released two independent singles, "Supernatural" and "A New Day", in 2007 and played opening slots for Ok Go and Incubus in their Auckland shows. Aidan Bartlett had been working for the Ministry of Justice as a Court Reporter before quitting to focus on music fulltime.

In 2008 they self-funded a trip to New York to lodge and record with producer Terence Dover. With Hotbed Studios (vocals and bass) as their quarters and home base, Dover recorded them at studios across New York. Skyline Studios(Drums) in Manhattan, GoodleString (Guitars,Drums,Vocals,Bass)in Brooklyn, The Buddy Project (guitars and vocals) in Queens and (Grand Piano) City College's Sonic Arts Center concert hall were all unique recording environments Dover selected for their debut record ''The Brave Don't Run".