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Julia Deans


Julia Deans

Julia Deans lept to national prominence with her band Fur Patrol.  She was the principle songwriter and singer and was best known for a little ditty named Lydia, which soon became the most played song on radio and the Christmas number 1 in the country. This number 1 was the only New Zealand song to reach the top in 2000, surprising considering the popularity of NZ music growing at the time. They picked up four Tuis (NZ music awards), including single of the year for Lydia and songwriter of the year for Julia.

Fast forward to 2010, which saw Julia return home to New Zealand after a lengthy spell in Australia.  She released her solo album Modern Fables and A New Dialouge from that album was a finalist for the Silver Scrolls.  

If her musical exploits could be compared to a school report card, being told she plays well with others would be an understatement.  As more recent times have seen musical collaborations with the likes of Shihad, Anika Moa, The Adults and Anna Coddington, through which Julia Deans has firmly established herself as one of New Zealand's leading singer/songwriters. 

Julia uses:

Takamine (Japan) 2010 Limited Edition Miyabi - Cutaway Electric/Acoustic Guitar with CTP2 Cooltube