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Heart Strings Guitars


Heart Strings Guitars

Guitar Series 7.1

Named after the September Earthquake, Guitar Series 7.1 is a family of seven guitars.  In sympathy with the age of the timber used, a classic, single cut-away shape was designed, reminiscent of the 1960’s and 70’s. Electronic components have been used that enhance the vintage effect. The contours are subtle, as are the contours of Canterbury. There are representations of the rivers and of the sudden change in topography and the areas of Canterbury that were the centre of the devastation are embodied in the designs.

The viewers of these pieces of art will discover the meaning in the design subtleties upon closer examination and, as with all art, will also discover

their own personal significance within the grain and curves of these unique and meaningful guitars. These are fully operational electric guitars with a sound that matches their look. These guitars are unique pieces of art; they are aesthetically pleasing to the eye in the first instance, but then draw you in by the different layers of the story.

These guitars can be seen as a metaphor for Christchurch – that something beautiful, lasting and tangible can rise from something broken and destroyed.  As Dave Dobbyn, who recently played and endorsed The Chester said, “when you play these guitars, it gives meaning to the words, “if these walls could talk”.

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This unprecedented natural disaster marked the end for many historic buildings in the Garden City and for Jason Pickering, a Christchurch musician and his father Bruce, it was the catalyst for an idea that was to become Heart Strings.

Music and The Arts have always formed part of the heart and soul of Christchurch, so Jason and Bruce thought it seemed fitting that a small piece of history that was “lost” be given life as a viable and beautiful musical instrument.

The wood was donated by the owners of many historic and iconic Christchurch buildings that fell in

the earthquake. The seven guitars are each named after the building from where the wood came from and each guitar in the series tells its own story. “In many cases the timber itself dictated the story and each piece could be given a new life and an entirely new purpose” - Says Jason Pickering who was tasked with collecting the timber along with Linda Giles, a local identity.

These Guitars will be auctioned to raise money for organisations in the struggling Christchurch Arts Community – re-establishing the passion and creativity that Christchurch is renowned for.

The Exhibition.

The exhibition will contain all seven guitars, detail about their design and construction, information about the buildings they were made from and their history, video and audio footage of the guitars being played.

In addition there will be an opportunity for you to record your feelings, thoughts and stories about the past year; you will be able to privately share your emotions and tears, your anger and fears, your thoughts for your future and the City’s future.  This footage will remain confidential and will be made into a Time Capsule which will be presented to the Mayor along with the Memorial Guitar at the Auction. In 100 years these messages can be played so that residents of Christchurch can hear your stories.