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Godfrey De Grut


Godfrey De Grut

After completing his degree in composition from the university of Auckland, Godfrey received the RIANZ Jazz album of the year for 1997’s “Came a weird way” with his band The New LoungeHead (sic).

Following extensive touring with Rodger Fox Big Band he joined and recorded music with Che Fu, Co-writing the 2002 NZ APRA Silver Scroll winning song, “Misty Frequencies”.

Primarily working as a freelance musician, composer and ensemble arranger, Godfrey has recorded and/or toured locally and internationally, most recently with Brooke Fraser through Australia and the U.S, Scribe on The BDO tour of OZ, Anika Moa, Gin Wigmore, Boh Runga, Carly Binding, Nathan Haines, Nesian Mystic, Elemeno P, De ja Voodoo, Lewis McCallum, Tama Waipara, OpenSouls, and Seth Haapu.

He recently produced the NZ band Dukes’ Platinum-selling single "Vampires" and follow up album "Still Life".
Godfrey contributes a regular column for NZ Musician called X-Factory and lectures in popular music studies at the University of Auckland.

He even did a keyboard session for Kanye West once, funny story...

On live shows Godfrey plays a Nord Stage from Clavia alongside a Logic Mainstage audio platform.

Fender guitars are the preferred axe on stage and depending on the gig, amplifiers are either a Marshall JCM 800 (with EL34s) or a classic Fender Twin Silver Face. At his home studio he utilizes a large collection of vintage synth and electro mechanical keyboards and (when requested) will blow sax solos on a Yanigisawa A880 and a very beautiful Selmer Mark VI Soprano.