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Darren Mathiassen


Darren Mathiassen

Born at the bottom of the world where the bitter Antarctic gales lash ruthlessly, Bluff-bred Darren ‘D’ Mathiassen, squandered his potential playing nought but drums.

Magus of a loathsome groove, his voodoo of filthy beats spellbind from action-packed festival to seamy nightclub.

Guilty of rhythmic corruption, his villainous presence accompanies several arresting ladies: Hollie Smith, Bella Kalolo, Iva Lamkum, Sacha Vee, Charlotte Yates, Bebe Deluxe, Lisa Tomlins, and NYC based Fredericks Brown with Deva Mahal & Steph ‘Tipsy’ Brown

Whilst other infamous felonies involve Trinity Roots, Rhombus, Tyson Smith, Age Pryor, Michael Barrymore and now from out of the dunes come the dark and disheveled trio, THE NOK… 

Darren uses:

Sonor S Classix - Birch Shells - Walnut Finish - 8x7 Mounted Tom, 10x8 Mounted Tom, 12x9 Mounted Tom, 14x14 Floor Tom, 16x16 Floor Tom, 20x17.5 Bass Drum, 14x5 Snare Drum

Sonor Artist Series 13x5 Beech Shell 27 Plies Earth Finish Snare Drum

Sabian Legacy 14" HiHats

Sabian Legacy 17" Crash

Sabian Legacy 18" Crash

Sabian 19" Fierce Signature Series Crash

Sabian Legacy 21" Ride

Roland TD9KX Drumkit

Roland SPDS Sampling Pad

Roland PDS10 Stand