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Harmony, Correction and Effects for the Stage and Studio
This popular harmony processor has been used by songwriters, performing musicians, and jingle and movie music creators to put their creative stamp on vocals. VoiceWorks has a full complement of vocal processing tools from microphone preamp to four voices of harmony generation, pitch correction, reverb and tap tempo delay, compression and EQ. There’s even a song mode that allows you to step through a pre-programmed series of steps with the optional Switch3 footswitch.

•A complete signal path from mic input to stereo output. All you add is a PA, (or DAW) and your voice.
•Capable of creating up to 5 part harmony or doubling with your voice
•Harmonies can be controlled by MIDI keyboard or by setting key and scale
•100 user-programmable presets
•Reverb and delay can be used simultaneously and have extensive editing parameters
•Thicken effect adds lush detune-style chorusing to your lead vocal in addition to other effects
•Compressor, 3 band EQ and gate
•Editor program for Mac and PC available free via download

Realistic Harmony Voices
The four voices in Voiceworks can be “humanized” using styles that mimic subtle imperfections between singers or sung performances so that they sound more natural. Of course this can be turned off for a more artificial and ear-catching sound if you prefer! Each voice also has a gender control which allows you to defined male and female characteristics in your harmony group. Of the 100 presets in the product, many have been pre-configured to offer a wide range of harmony options without requiring you to edit anything if you prefer not to.

Creating a Better Basic Sound
What happens when the harmonies are muted? Great vocal tone, that’s what. With the tasteful application of the onboard compression, 3 band parametric EQ, reverb and delay, even your basic working sound can be greatly improved with VoiceWorks.

Pitch Correction
You can check out the pitch correction by browsing these presets in VoiceWorks. TC-Helicon’s pitch correction algorithm can be gentle and transparent or stepped and modern-sounding depending on how it’s set. A full suite of controls allow you to adjust window size, attack time and correction amount to tailor the correction to the performance.

No Sequencer? Footswitch Control is Available
A flexible menu of options allows you to set what the 3 footswitches on the optional Switch3 footswitch do. The standard application is to have preset up and down and harmony mute, but this can be reconfigured to allow stepping through a sequence of steps in Song mode.

What is Song Mode?
Using Song mode is a way to change your presets in a pre-programmed way by pressing a footswitch. Preset #1 could be used for the verse of a song and then preset #25 could provide a lift to the chorus and finally, preset #99 could be used to create a special effect for the bridge. Without Song mode, you would have to do a lot of advancing through presets but they can be pre-programmed so all you do is press the Step Up footswitch and you’re there.