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NZ Music Community Wellbeing Survey

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  • July 1st 2016
NZ Music Community Wellbeing Survey
The New Zealand Music Foundation 

NZ Music Community Wellbeing Survey

NZ Rockshop has been collaborating recently with The NZ Music Foundation, an organisation that offers caring, confidential and practical assistance to people in the kiwi music industry experiencing illness, distress and hardship. The charity has launched the New Zealand Music Community Wellbeing Survey, a confidential online questionnaire that aims to identify the stresses and health & wellbeing factors experienced by people working and volunteering in music. The survey promises to bring a greater level of awareness and understanding of the challenges that come with a life in music and will help The New Zealand Music Foundation to provide new support services in future. It takes about 5-7 minutes to complete.

We encourage all of you to take part by completing the survey.

The charity is hoping that people involved in all genres of music and from all sectors of the industry will complete the survey. It’s open to performers and producers, roadies and riggers, record company and label staffers, DJs and choir members, artist managers and promoters: in fact everyone who is making their way full time, part time or as a volunteer in music.

The survey is open now, and will close at the end of July.

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Thank you for participating in this survey.