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Giving Away An OSCar

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Novation are Giving Away An OSCar

Did you know the heritage of the modern Novation synth range spans five decades? It goes right back to EDP's Wasp in 1978 - which had the same filter as our first BassStation - and includes the OSCar, the legendary monosynth used in Jean-Michel Jarre's Revolutions Overture.

The unifying factor here is our synth designer, Chris Huggett. The same man who designed Wasp and OSCar also created the sound engines for all our modern synths, drawing on decades of experience and expertise as a pioneer of synth.

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To celebrate this rich synth heritage, Novation are giving one of you a genuine, fully restored OSCar.
It's one of just 2000 ever produced and has been valued at over £5000!

For a chance to win, you simply have to have bought any Novation synth before 31st of August this year (got a SuperNova from 1998? You're in!).

To find out how to win it, just click here to check out our colourful timeline of synth.

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