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New Warwick "How To" Videos Online RSS

New Warwick "How To" Videos Online

Warwick endorser, clinician and studio musician Andy Irvine provides users with tutorials on tone, techniques and Warwick gear. Part one deals with maintaining the groove throughout the entire solo.

"Welcome to Andy's Bass Box - a fun BASS place for learning. Come back often and enjoy regularly updated videos featuring: tips on tone, techniques, useful info on cool Warwick bass gear, and much more." - Andy Irvine

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Part 1 - Maintaining the groove and pulse throughout the entire solo

Part 2 - The Drone

Warwick artist/endorser Andy Irvine discusses and demonstrates his method of using the "Drone" or "Pedal Point" to experiment with chromatic scale and dissonance to begin to hear new and different melodic ideas.

Part 3 - 70's Funk Groove

Warwick artist Andy Irvine demonstrates a classic Funk Groove and different variations.

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