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New Range of Hofner Guitars

The Swinging Sixties are back at the Rockshop

There are few guitar brands in the world that are as tightly linked to the British invasion of the 1960’s than Hofner.   After Paul McCartney bought his first Hofner 500/1 “Violin Bass” from a department store in Hamburg, then used it to write the history of Rock and Roll, Hofner instruments became a staple of musicians up and down Europe….

Even before this however, Hofner guitars had already made their indelible mark on guitar history.  Look down the list of documented Hofner users, and it turns into a “who’s who” of the 1960’s/1970’s brit-rock scene…

Eric Clapton learnt to play guitar on a Hofner acoustic..
Mark Knopfler, George Harrison, Hank Marvin, Ritchie Blackmore, David Gilmour, Albert Lee, Peter Green, Allan Holdsworth… all used Hofner Electric guitars in their early careers. Even the grandmaster himself – Jimi Hendrix had a Hofner Club 50 that made a few appearances.

NZ ROCKSHOPS are proud now to deliver to you some of these classic 1960’s instruments, reinvented in their modern form – the Hofner CT series!  


The new Hofner Club Solid breaks with tradition! Not hollow, instead this model has a solid mahogany body and a flamed maple top bringing you fantastic rock tones. We've added a pair of high output Hofner 'Diamond' humbucking pickups to produce a powerful warm rock sound with plenty of sustain. With the Hofner metal bridge and our famous trapeze tailpiece as well, this Club guitar sets the standards for the modern guitarist. Available in Black or Honey Burst finish.



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HOFNER Colorama II

The Hofner Colorama was our best selling solid body guitar in the 1950s and 60s. Hofner have based the new Colorama II on the model from 1961 but brought it thoroughly up to date. This Hofner electric guitar is fitted with two P90 pickups, a three way switch and volume and tone controls. The Hofner Colorama II offers quality at a very affordable price making it ideal for those wanting a stylish guitar with vintage guitar looks.



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In the 1960s the Hofner Galaxie was one of the most popular solid body guitars finding favour with numerous beat groups. Today the new Hofner Galaxie retains the original style and shape together with many of the original design features. Vintage guitar looks. Fitted with three Hofner 'Staple' pickups each is individually switchable enabling you to re-create the famous '60s Hofner sound. As with the original electric guitar we include a Hofner tremolo system giving you even greater versatility.



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Based on the original classic Hofner Verythin guitar body shape from 1960 with the body depth of only 1.25 inches. The Hofner Verythin was extremely popular with groups during the 1960s beat boom era. The Hofner Verythin CT not only captures that unique 60s sound but also has the ability to produce tones ranging from deep gutsy blues through to cutting distorted rock. At Hofner we achieve this by fitting a centre block in the body to produce more sustain, deeper tones and less feedback. The CT model is now fitted with striped position markers on the neck just like the original Hofner 1960s model. You'll certainly stand out from the crowd playing a Hofner Verythin CT. It truly is a versatile guitar at a very affordable price.



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The best-selling 500/1 Contemporary version of the Hofner Violin Bass Guitar offers those wanting to own one of the World's iconic guitars the chance to do so at a very attractive price. Recreating the style of the 1964 version, the Contemporary features a sustain block inside the body to give modern, deep-resonating bass sounds while still retaining the original Hofner Beatles bass sound. With a short scale of 30" and the small violin bass body it is one of greatest electric bass guitars ever made.



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Taking a lead from our 70s Violin Bass models the Ignition Violin Bass guitars from Hofner let you get your hands on one of the world's iconic guitars. In contrast to the HCT model this version has a fully hollow body and of course comes with the famous Hofner control panel, wooden bridge and Hofner style tailpiece. The Hofner Ignition Violin bass comes at the perfect price point for players requiring the classic Hofner sound on a budget.



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Only limited stock is available of these great guitars, so will only be shown in selected Rockshops.   If you are interested in checking out one of these instruments though, you can…

  • Check out the range online here...
  • Head to your closest Rockshop, talk to the staff there and they’ll be happy to arrange an instrument in-store for you to check out.
  • Email us here
  • Purchase online and we can ship direct to your home or office.