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New Products Announced from Focusrite RSS

New Products Announced from Focusrite

Focusrite has announced the return of the legendary Red Series mic preamp with the introduction of the Red 1 500-Series Mic Pre, a module for the popular 'Lunchbox' format. Focusrite’s Red Range gained legendary status following its release in 1992. With circuitry from the original Red 1 and 8 modules, the Red mic preamps rapidly became sought-after in the world’s top studios, with their unique signature sound and ability to perform faultlessly on a wide range of instruments with almost any microphone. As with the original Red series, Red 1 500 will be made in England.

Focusrite Red 1 500 Series Mic Pre


Scarlett 18i20

Scarlett 18i20 is the latest in the Focusrite series of high-quality USB 2.0 interfaces. It’s designed to be your complete studio hub, and as such features enough inputs and outputs to record and mix a full band. With Focusrite’s award-winning mic preamps and outstanding analogue and digital circuit design, it’s capable of making studio-quality recordings.

Focusrite Scarlett 18i20

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RedNet 6 (MADI)

The much anticipated RedNet range is shipping worldwide in January - there is a new addition to the family; RedNet 6 is a MADI interface capable of providing up to 64 channels of MADI I/O to RedNet system of ethernet audio interfaces. This will connect to a wide range of hardware including digital mixing consoles, MADI PCIe cards and much more.

RedNet 6 - MADI

Scarlett Studio

The ever-popular Scarlett 2i2 has been bundled with a brand new condenser microphone (with cable) and a pair of reference monitoring headphones. This trio has been designed to give musicians the best possible recording signal path without breaking the bank!

Focusrite Scarlett Studio

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