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New Mesa EXPRESS+ amps have arrived RSS

  • November 1st 2012
New Mesa EXPRESS+ amps have arrived


We are delighted to announce the arrival of these brand new beasts from Mesa/Boogie.  Following the lineage of the popular Dual Caliber and F-series amps, the EXPRESS line has been extremely popular over the years.  Now Mesa/Boogie have updated this lineup with a whole raft of new changes, it’s actually pretty amazing what they’ve achieved.   So, take the existing great tone of the Express amp (many of our Rockshop staff are Express owners) and add the following features:


Graphic EQ

Yup – the famous Mesa 5-band EQ has been added to the Express.   It’s the same EQ as the Mark V.  is footswitchable, and even has an option to preselect the classic Mesa “V-curve” EQ.

Channel Assignable Multi-Watt™ settings

You can select different wattage operations for each individual channel.   On the Express 5:50+, you can have your clean channel running a full 50W of Class A/B power for maximum headroom, then have then lead channel on a juicy Class A 5w setting.  Excellent stuff.   The Express 5:25+ switches between 5w/15w/25w settings.  

SOLO Boost Knob

Solo control lets you set a pre-determined volume boost you can toggle with the footswitch.


Express 5:25+ head = $2,299

Express 5:25+ 1x12 Combo = $2,699

Express 5:50+ head = $2,499

Express 5:50+ 1x12 Combo = $2,999

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