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LSTN Headphones - a Company with a Conscience RSS

LSTN Headphones - a Company with a Conscience

LSTN sells high quality wooden headphones. The exotic wood we use is reclaimed from furniture manufacturers that would have otherwise thrown it away. Wood chambers give our headphones a warm, full sound and a unique look.

For every pair of headphones sold, LSTN helps restore hearing to a person in need through the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Reclaimed Wood

Why are guitars, violins, drums, pianos, etc made out of wood, but headphones aren't? Our unique wooden chambers are a huge contributor to the warm and natural sound of LSTN headphones.

LSTN is also environmentally friendly – we aren't out chopping down trees to create our products. The reclaimed wood we use is sourced from furniture and flooring companies. Specifically, it's the small otherwise discarded scraps that are left over from their manufacturing process.

Our Woods

Ebony - This dense, hard wood is prized for making piano keys, clarinets, oboes and even bagpipes. Ebony trees are found in Mozambique and Tanzania. The color of ebony wood ranges from dark brown to jet black.


Cherry - This beautiful wood is usually used in high end furniture and the tops of guitars. Our cherry wood is from Brazil. The color ranges from a deep orange to a dark red.



Beech -  Our lightest wood is also used to make drums, smoke fine cheeses and is made into chips to aid in the beer brewing process. Mmm! You can find beech wood mainly in North America. The color does not stray from blonde/light brown.


joebridgetkampalauganda 1024x1024
I knew from a young age that music would be my path in life. At 15 I got my first job at a concert venue in Detroit. Over the next decade, I grew up between the vinyl racks at record stores, packing boxes in major label mailrooms and selling merch on tour with bands that I loved.

The next chapter started with a video. A woman my age hears her own voice for the very first time while her husband films it, then uploads to YouTube. It inspires millions of people to click "share", and I press play. After imaging how different my life would be without ever hearing music, I did some research and find there are 360 million people with disabling hearing loss just like her. Most of them are in developing countries and can be helped with just hearing aids. Music is so important - it shouldn't be something that is dependent on status, age or location. I had to do something to help.

Joe and I started LSTN at my kitchen table with the mission of changing the world through the power of music. We later moved ourselves and our new interns into a 200 square foot office. Our offices have now become trains, planes and automobiles as we now travel the world growing our small company. LSTN is a for-purpose company that connects individuals, families and communities through sound.  For every pair of headphones we sell, we help restore hearing to a person in need through Starkey Hearing Foundation.

In under 2 years, LSTN has been able to give the gift of sound to over 15,000 people through Starkey in the U.S., Peru, Kenya and Uganda because of your amazing support. We are just getting started and truly appreciate each person that has spread the word about LSTN.

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