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Jim and Janet D'Addario visit Rockshop RSS

Jim and Janet D'Addario visit Rockshop

We had the pleasure of Jim and Janet D'addario visiting on the 25 March 2015, we knew that Jim is a avid guitar player and his wife Janet is a great vocalists so we could not pass up the opportunity to have a Jam at Backbeat.

Jim has been passionately making guitar strings his whole life and has built (with the support of his family) the largest string manufacturing company in the world, over the past 20 years he has also added Evans Drumheads, Planet Waves Accessories and most recently ProMark Drumsticks to his product range.

His passion for music extends beyond making strings, this was evident by his ability playing guitar, he is also a big Beatles fan so we were proud to show him the 60's back room at the Backbeat venue (as seen on Rockshop website) which features the stage set of Beatles instruments and plenty of Beatle memorabilia, a collection gathered over the years by Mick Webb (our Managing Director) We also took the opportunity to showcase "Play it Strange" a chartable trust designed to find and promote young Singer/songwriters from NZ schools and recently taking "Jam Bus" on the road to Schools, allowing kids from all walks of life to experience playing music.

Promoting Music to youth and the development of natural talent are also close to Jims heart, he has created the Daddario Foundation as a funding vehicle for this very purpose.

End result was a fantastic evening of entertainment, starting with four performers from the "Play it strange" ranks followed by a collective jam by senior members of the Rockshop team and family, Play it strange founder "Mike Chunn +  Jim and Janet D'Addario.

3 hrs later the night was gone and the next day was growing so we downed instruments, hugged and went home with large smiles, great memories and a warm feeling that musicians have when chance creates a great night playing music.

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