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GEN 16 AE Cymbal System by Zildjian - coming soon RSS

GEN 16 AE Cymbal System by Zildjian - coming soon

Introducing Gen16 – a new generation of Intelligent Percussion. 

Since 1623, the Zildjian family has established a reputation for creating the world’s finest cymbals and percussion accessories. It’s an art we’ve lovingly and meticulously passed down from generation to generation. 

Now, Zildjian is bringing you the world’s first generation of 21st century acoustic-electric percussion products. With Gen16, Zildjian has created a way to bring your music to life like never before. 

Gen16 is the home of the newest, most groundbreaking acoustic-electric percussion products – advanced music and sound technologies that enhance the quality of musicians' life through better performance, recording, and teaching tools. 

We call these products Intelligent Percussion. 

Gen16's Intelligent Percussion is a new generation of tools and technologies. Gen16 users include not just drummers and percussionists, but also artists and musicians, producers and engineers, educators, students and hobbyists. Gen16 Intelligent Percussion is equally at home in live performance, recording and project studios, film and TV composition, houses of worship and other multi-media oriented fields. 

While electronic drums and drum sampling software are not new, Gen16's Intelligent Percussion takes these genres to an entirely new level. Gen16 products will fundamentally change the ways in which musicians approach and interact with acoustic and electronic percussion. In short, Gen16 Intelligent Percussion will change the way you think about making music.

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