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Framus player Earl Slick (USA)'s work on David Bowie's "The Next Day" Dominates the Charts! RSS

Framus player Earl Slick (USA)'s work on David Bowie's "The Next Day" Dominates the Charts!

David Bowie's newest full length album "The Next Day" (his 27th record of his long career) debuted on March 12th, 2013 debuting at #1 on Charts in 12 Countries and topping the iTunes chart in over 60 countries. With critical response being overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic, Bowie along with Earl’s expert guitar work has once again solidified himself as one of the legendary artists of our time.

Bowie's first album in 10 years, "The Next Day", features the masterful guitar work of Framus signature artist Earl Slick, who has been Bowie';s go-to guitarist and collaborator since his work on the 1974 Diamond Dogs tour. The New York Times has referred to the new album as "Bowie's twilight masterpiece".

Earl is known for his tasteful but energetic guitar work, and having a great guitar tone is a life-long quest for him. A certified tone hound, Earl relies on his Framus signature models to get the sound he needs and that a world class artists he works with expects.

Highlights of Framus tone, performed by Earls expert hands on his Signature Models and Mayfields are "Dirty Boys", featuring a funky eccentric horn line counterpoint, and "Valentine", a bittersweet midtempo jam with a classic Bowie melody. But perhaps the best showcase of tone is "(You Will) Set the World On fire", a take-no-prisoners rock and roll tune whose unforgettable riff showcases the rich, powerful, and clear Framus sound as only Earl could perform it.

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Earl plays:
-Earl Slick Signature-Modell
-Mayfield Custom
-Mayfield Legacy

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