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EXP Strings: Buy One Get One Free Promotion

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EXP Strings: Buy One Get One Free Promotion RSS

EXP Strings: Buy One Get One Free Promotion

EXP Strings: Buy One Get One Free Promotion


buy one, get one free*


Buy D'addario Exp 11 and Exp 13 strings and get one FREE!

D’Addario’s new generation of EXP coated string has succeeded in creating the most natural sounding coated acoustic string on the market, without the greasy feel and breakage associated with other coated strings.

Engineered in D’Addario’s facility in New York, EXP strings now feature plain steel strings and hex cores made from high-carbon, break resistant NY steel, offering unprecedented strength and pitch stability. Combined with a new micro-fine coating that has reduced the thickness of the coating by at least 50%, the result is a string that retains more of it’s inherent brightness and natural uncoated tone, while adding up to 4 times more life than uncoated strings.



D'Addario's breakthrough EXP Coated Technology produces strings with the natural tone & feel of uncoated strings, with at least 4 times more life.

EXP's allow a guitar's voice to ring true. With the creation of our new EXP Wire manufacturing facility we have invested in wire coating machinery which allows us to fully control and develop advancements in coating technology for wound strings that is second-to-none in the guitar string industry.


The EXP Wire machine draws wire from rod, anneals, cleans, coats, cures and spools wire in one continuous process. This ensures our tight tolerances and specifications are adhered to.We test every spool of wire with a sophisticated digital micrometer which measures the concentricity of the coating thickness to 2/10,000 of an inch. We have successfully reduced the coating thickness by at least 50%, which allows the string to retain even more of its inherent brightness and natural uncoated tone, while maintaining EXP's renowned durability and long-life characteristics. You won't believe they are coated!

Exp11 Exp13
EXP 11 – Coated 80/20 Bronze EXP 13 80/20 Bronze

*Exclusive to EXP 11 and EXP 13 products. This offer has expired.