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Jeremy Corbett's Fender Custom Shop '57 Relic Stratocaster RSS

Jeremy Corbett's Fender Custom Shop '57 Relic Stratocaster

Corbie’s Blonde

When well-known TV comedian and Radio DJ Jeremy ‘Corbie’ Corbett announced his retirement from Auckland’s MORE FM radio station after 18 years on air, he had no idea what his colleagues had in store for him.

In appreciation of his years of excellent service to the NZ radio industry, Jeremy was recently presented with a surprise gift of a magnificent Fender Custom Shop ’57 Relic Stratocaster in stunning white blonde – supplied by NZ Rockshops. Corbie’s fans and workmates alike will know that he is quite a keen guitarist, who had been known to profess to colleagues on the occasional basis that his “dream guitar” was a Fender Custom Shop Relic Stratocaster with a maple fretboard. 

NZ Rockshops were there to watch the presentation of the guitar to the venerable comedian….. who , for once, was almost stuck for words. “I’m floored”, Corbie managed to utter, whilst viewing this beautiful ash-bodied blonde for this first time.  
Like all Fender Custom Shop guitars, this Strat is an absolute work of art,” says Rockshop’s Guitar Product Manager, Matt Walsham. “Only the best grade woods go into these guitars and the craftsmen that build them are second to none. I played this one myself before it was presented to Jeremy and it’s an amazing guitar!” 

Fender Custom Shop were the first company to popularise the now-common “Relicing” phenomenon back in the 1990’s – by coming up with an idea to make a brand-new guitar look like it’s been heavily gigged for thirty years.  The finished article looks incredibly convincing and is a sought after style of guitar, hunted by afficianados everywhere.   Jeremy’s new pride and joy features an Ash Body, 50’s style neck profile, single ply pickgard and a high-degree of “Relicing”.

NZ Rockshops would like to wish Jeremy all the best for his continuing TV and comedy career, and hope to see Corbie and his new Blonde in action one day soon.

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