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Line 6 Guitar Tone Workshop Auckland

Line 6 Guitar Tone Workshop Auckland

  • Mon 10 Aug 2015, 7:30pm
  • Auckland, Backbeat, 100 Karangahape Rd (above Auckland Rockshop)



Do you want to learn how a guitar amplifier functions?
Do you want to learn the history behind industry standard amplifiers and how to dial them in?
Do you want to learn how to dial in effect pedals and the most common setup methods?
Or do you just want to be inspired to play more?

Rockshop is proud to offer this exclusive FREE Line 6 guitar tone workshop!
This workshop will improve how you dial-in your guitar tone and inspire you to play more!

you Will learn:

  • The evolution of amplifiers and the common setup practices 
  • Common applications/settings for gain-based, modulation, and delay effects 
  • Rigs that iconic guitarists used to create their signature tones - and how to recreate them! 

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This is a FREE Event. All ages welcome!

We'll be giving away a Sonic Port and a Hal Leonard Tab+ guitar tab and tone book at each event

You can check out our Line 6 Products here.


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