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Johnny Rabb & BioDiesel Clinic

Johnny Rabb & BioDiesel Clinic

Get Inspired!  Don't miss BioDiesel's NZ clinic.  This electrifying duo will take you on a musical journey through a range of Roland gear and in between performances explain how they use Roland V-Drums, electronic percussion, V-Bass and GAIA.

Johnny Rabb

In 2006 Johnny Rabb was officially crowned the worlds fastest drummer.  Since then he has become an award winning drummer, producer, author and educator.  His book "The Official Freehand Technique" has captivated drummers around the world with details on how to perform drum rolls with one hand.

One half of BioDiesel, special international guest Johnny Rabb also plays a big role in Roland electronic percussion.  He is an international V-Drum presenter, provides technical feedback to Roland, beta tests new gear and has created sounds and patches for V-Drum kits


Combine drumming legend Johnny Rabb with the extraordinary talents of Clay Parnell on bass and keys and you get the environmentally friendly BioDiesel - a musical duo that exist in the razor thin space between band and dj, synthetic and human, man and machine.

FREE CLINIC - limited places

Tickets only available from:

Hornby Rockshop

Shop 2/1-5 Amyes Rd

Hornby, Christchurch

(03) 379-1177


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