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Price Challenge

The NZ Rockshop Price Challenge is simply this :

"We can and will match the price on nearly any product from nearly any retailer - Put us to the test"

That's right, find your lowest price for the product you want, bring or send us the proof of that lowest price and we will get back to you with our best deal. Hundreds of internet price submissions from the past year, have proven that we not only can get the fairest price, but that we are able to provide the best deal for you.

Unfortunately, the largely unregulated nature of the internet can set unreasonable price expectations in your mind and not every price you see is as it is.

So what does this mean for you ? Simply this - do your homework, scour the internet, scour magazines, get the best price and submit it to us. We will confirm that the product is available and is everything it claims to be and that our product matches it - then we will give you our best deal. You can then evaluate the offer and proceed how ever you want. Literally hundreds of people have benefited from this process over the last year, and the NZ Rockshops are deadset determined to help any NZ group, society or individual to get their products and service for the best price.

That's our commitment to you.

Purchasing Goods from Internet Websites
While purchasing goods directly from websites may appear to be cheaper, in the long run, its usually worthwhile to purchase from a local 'bricks and mortar' retailer. While most people will usually account for the exchange rate difference and can get freight prices etc ... there is a lot to an internet purchase that many people simply do not take into account.

For example, consider purchasing something from an international :

-GST - Internationally purchased items may be subject to GST when brought into the country, is the GST on the purchase, the shipping, the insurance or all three ?
-Import Duty / Customs Tax - Internationally purchased items may be subject to Import Duties/Tariffs when brought into the country.
-Freight - How much will that be? - How long will it take? air or sea? We have seen broken guitar necks, crushed equipment, cracked valves and all manner of dings and dents that surely weren't there when they left.
-Insurance - You will need insurance on goods freighted from overseas, how much, where to obtain it from and are you paying too much for it?
-C Tick Electrical Compliance - This is a legal requirement for all electrical goods imported into NZ. All NZ importers of electrical goods pay a fee to have their goods certified as compliant with the NZ standard.
-A NZ Warranty - You will need to send your goods back to the country of purchase to claim any 'warranty repair' work. You will be required to pay any freight charges and possibly a surcharge on top of the 'free repair'. This differs from company to company and its important to remember that a 'warranty' is not a '100% Free Repair Guarantee'. Some NZ repairers will refuse to look at a 'non' C Tick compliant product.
-Your purchase will not be covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act or the Fair Trading Act. If anything goes wrong with your purchase, or you are not happy, you may not have any legal avenues that you can pursue in NZ.

The most important point for anyone considering an internet purchase is that no NZ Rockshop is more than three hours drive away for 99% of customers. You can talk with real people who can deal with your requests and problems with experience, real backup service, in time and here in NZ!

Have you found a cheaper price ?

Then take the Rockshop Price Challenge and use the form below to email us with the link and details of the cheaper price. We can then follow up the price and get back to you with the best price we can do on that item for you here in NZ. Remember to tell us the date, the site where you found it and any other costs that you have been quoted.

Note : We do not accept internet auction sites for price challenges. Sellers on eBay and Trademe have the ability to cancel the auction at any stage, regardless of any price reached or moral issues associated with doing so. This means that a $1 reserve auction doesn't mean that you will actually get the Marshall Stack for $1.

Note : Please DOUBLE CHECK your email address. We can't reply to you if it's incorrect.

- this is not an automated reply system; all emails are considered and answered by a department Product Specialist.

- these emails are only answered during business hours, Monday to Friday.

- replies are usually made within 48hrs.

Please re-email if you haven't had a reply with in 48hrs.