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Red Bull Studios Auckland REMIX: Maala "Touch" RSS

  • October 21st 2015
Red Bull Studios Auckland REMIX: Maala "Touch"

You're in control...

New Zealand's growing reputation for turning out mysterious musical prodigies continues with the debut EP from the inscrutably monikered MAALA.

With a name chosen from a pile of random Scrabble letters, MAALA debuted on SoundCloud in March 2015 with "Touch” and the song’s aching minimal electro majesty quickly picked up listeners and interest on a global scale.

Zane Lowe was among those immediately curious and, tracking MAALA down to his own home country, he was quick to move and debut next track "In The Air" on Apple Music Beats One.

…and now, it’s over to you.

MAALA has teamed up with Red Bull Studios Auckland REMIX, NZ Rockshop & Native Instruments.

Put your spin on ‘Touch’ and you could be copping a Native Instruments Maschine MK2 thanks to Rockshop:

1. Download the stems below.

2. Put your spin on ‘Touch'

3. Upload your REMIX to soundcloud with the tag #MAALAREMIX and submit here.

Entries close October 21st, MAALA will announce winner October 21st post-17:00.

*Disclaimer: Stems and upload of remix are limited to entrance of the Red Bull Studios REMIX competition only. Permission must be requested and approved in written form to use stems beyond competition capacity.*

More info here...