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Various leads, harps, etc (#114)

Date Listed 16/03/2013
Last Edited 16/03/2013
Address Auckland, New Zealand

I have had some gear stolen from my car last night 15th March. I left my car in British Isles pub car park, Rothesay Bay and some 'person' broke my back window and stole my stuff. A brown bag with TOC and Edinburgh written on it was taken. it contained 2 mics in a red zipped pack and a mic in a soft brown bag. There was a Sennheiser mic and a old type Shure mic plus another which I can't remember the make. Also in the bag was 2 guitar leads, one with a phone number on each end, the ends are blue on one end, red on the other end. there were some harmonicas, special 20's. A guitar tuner and also a long mic lead. There was also some sheets with lyrics and chords, some in a blue plastic folder.
If you could help me I would really appreciate it, these things mean a lot to me a very little to anyone else. Thanks very much
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Serial Number
Date Stolen 15 March 2013
Location Auckland
Police File Number 130316/3499