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Stolen Telecaster Grey Lynn (#97)

A Black and White Mexican Fender Telecaster and a silver metal case (full of leads, a marshall footswitch, a Boss TU-3, a Boss DD3 and custom moulded ear plugs) were stolen from the corner of Dickens St/Richmond Rd in Grey Lynn on 18th September (Tuesday) between 8am and 6pm. The Telecaster has distinct signs of repair on the back of the headstock (It was snapped and repaired well but still has visible cracks etc down the length of it) it was also missing the knob for the pickup switch, and had multiple chips that had been noticeably painted in. Really want this gear back as I just can't afford to replace this gear! Please email or txt 0212459735 with any info.
927 20 September 2012 View all items from this person
Brand Fender
Model Telecaster
Colour Black/White
Serial Number #MZ7047778
Date Stolen 18 September 2012
Location Auckland
Police File Number 120918/1896