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Rockcase 6U (#86)

ROCKCASE 6U rack case (black, one of the clips on one side doesn't hold tension anymore so one side barely stays on. Has a TECH 21 sticker on one end and long scratch horizontally across the middle of one end) - this photo kind of shows the case and the crate underneath it.
RRP around $300

These items were inside the rack case (still might be):
- LEXICON MX200 Dual reverb/effects processor -
RRP around $250
- DOD Dual equalizer (black) - similar to this
RRP around $200
- BEHRINGER Eurorack UB802 4 channel mixer (power LED and left side of output indicator LEDs don't work at all, right side still does. Small piece of masking tape on main output knob level at about 40%) -
RRP $130
770 2 July 2012 View all items from this person
Brand Rockcase by Warwick
Colour Black (Tech 21 sticker)
Serial Number
Date Stolen 26 June 2012
Location Christchurch
Police File Number 120621/8800