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Walden D1030 Acoustic (#74)

This was my favourite guitar, my 21st birthday present from my mother. A beautiful Walden D1030 dreadnought (no cutout, no pickup, no pick gaurd). It was stolen from my house in the Pine Hill area in Dunedin on Tuesday the 5 June 2012. Was in excellent condition, one very small dint on the corner about where your right forearm sits (right handed guitar) I think. Uniquely identifiable by a crack in the clear coat about 2 to 3cm long, starting from the top corner of the fretboard at the top of the neck, heading diagonally around to the back of the neck. Any information/leads would be greatly appreciated.
833 6 June 2012 View all items from this person
Brand Walden
Model D1030
Colour Red cedar top (pale wood), indian rosewood (darker wood) back/sides.
Serial Number ???
Date Stolen 5 June 2012
Location Dunedin
Police File Number P010894878