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Brother Love with Darryl Baser

Date / Time Thursday 20th November 2014 / 8:00pm
Location Auckland
Venue Dog's Bollix
Address 2 Newton Rd, Auckland
For over 20 years in a rockin' boat, Brother Love’s various indie star-studded line-ups have gained the notice of record labels in New York and Germany, with the band touring the US twice. The Brother Love band have played shows with bands such as Bardo Pond, Fuzzhead, Mark Arm’s Bloodloss, San Francisco’s Monoshock and Barbara Manning, the No-Neck Blues, Dead Moon, King Loser and Sebadoh. In 2000, they were featured on the soundtrack of feature film ‘Snakeskin’. In 2013, the group released the retrospective compilation “20 Years In A Rockin’ Boat” on Powertool Records, and they have since been working on new material for both vinyl and CD/online.

Their special guest on Thursday night at the Bollix is alt-country (emphasis on the “alt”) singer/songwriter Darryl Baser, playing Auckland for the first time since 1991. The songwriting bug kicked in, and Baser played wherever he could, from busking in Hamilton to support slots for bands such as The Axemen. In the interim, he’s also been a music journalist.

Baser’s forthcoming album ' Raw Selfie' - out shortly on Zelle Records through Powertools - was recorded on his trusty LG Optima smart phone. Baser figured, if one can take selfies on their phones, why can’t one also record an album?

Whilst we await the finished 'Raw Selfie', he’s putting out the 'Petite Selfie' EP in time for next week’s show.
Baser says, “I'm looking forward to playing my first shows in Auckland since supporting a band called SMAK at Cameron’s in 1990/91 it's been a long time between visits...”

Brother Love'20 Years In A Rockin'Boat':

Darryl Baser