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Capital Punishment V

Date / Time Saturday 24th May 2014 / 3:00pm
Location Wellington
Venue Valhalla
Address 154 Vivian St
The fifth and final Capital Punishment.

Five years have passed since Capital Punishment 1 heralded the first 12 hour New Zealand metal festival. Many bands have since brutalised the stage, some have now suffocated, some have imploded into new creations, and some even have had a practise or two.

This Unholy Triumvirate of terror, Auckland Death Grind pioneers Malevolence, have been unleashing terror & running amok with dreams of Trevor for over 20 years. Forget it being ‘Almost like something completely sinister’ this is the real deal – with 4 albums under their belts & a new 2014 release ‘Relentless Entropy’ Malevolence stalk the wasted lands & put their victims noses to the Grindstone; literally!

Bring out Ye dead & commence the barbeque of damnation, massive doses of old skool brutality abound as these purveyors of all that is death (metal), roast your corpse slowly over massive slabs of riffage & pounding ear bleeding percussion – Hailing from Hawkes Bay, Corpsefeast are long time veterans of the NZ Metal family & are bound to commence ‘The Brutal Killings’ at Capital Punishment V

Horrendous Disfigurement
If you kept a body in a hot dry room for a week & then opened the door this is what the resulting explosion would sound like. Also from the Hawkes Bay, Horrendous Disfigurement are an abomination of chainsaw guitar, splattering bass & totally disfiguring drums: add to the recipe, maniacal shrieks of a deranged mind & you will surely be Horrendously Disfigured – Be warned, be prepared, be dead!!!

Suppression Band
With femur shattering stomping grooves Suppression are Wellingtons unsung metal band. Prepare your plump fleshy face for a vocal onslaught ranging from blizzardy frostbitten screams to warm sandpaper growls. Drums and guitars will have you Chained and Dragged to the stage for your bodies willpower will be suppressed!

Recently confirmed for BLACK CONJURATION festival, this probably is the last chance to see them before they take their methodically crafted sounds of relentless war and organised chaos to Australia.

Insidious Wretch
Containing several Wellington metal stewards, these wretched purveyors of grind know how to play short sharp punishing sets. Brutaful

These guys are heavier than your mum and most definitely have to play at 4:20. Smoking out the back please people (under the stairs)

Wellington’s finest cuts are comprised of; protein, fat, alcohol/double brown, thrash riffage, and groove hooks that will paralyse your puny lower intestines for 30 minutes or atleast until your next vindaloo.

Dark Horse
First public performance! Little is known about this band so predict away. Good name eh and a bloody brilliant drink… Did someone say $6 Rum and Ginger Ale…?

Mankinds atrocities and accomplishments manifested into a formidable and unforgivably evil expression of Black/Death Metal!

Hailing from all corners of the country Metal Tower put diversity back in death metal with more bite than your neighbours Rottweiler.

For almost years DIC have been bathing audience in brooding brutal groove. 90% Alcohol, 10% Flesh, 100% punishment.

Death metal for thinking men, who prefer their slams just a little weird, and their tech death just a little weirder. Prepare your sphincters for audio brutalisation.

$10 entry, $15 after 5:30pm
Pre sales $10 plus booking fee

Tickets available from Eventfinder