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Sans Arcade- These Automatic Chargers- Stitches

Date / Time Friday 13th September 2013 / 8:00pm
Location Backbeat - Auckland
Venue Backbeat- Auckland
Address 100 K rd CBD Auckland ( Above The Rockshop)
Friday the 13th we have three fantastic bands here at Backbeat. This will be a great night, see you then!

$5 Entry
Doors 8pm


After what can only be described as "way too freakin' long", you'll finally be able to wrap your ears around your new favourite modern rock classic. Re Entry is destined to be the soundtrack of Summer 2013/14 mayhem. Frantic, fast, heavy and up in your face for all the right reasons.

In an unprecedented show of local support, an unknown SansArcade crowd-sourced over $2000 of pre-order funding in 2012. Now it's time to deliver on promises and prove to backers that their support has resulted in a release that will melt brains and blow minds from Cape Reinga to Bluff, owed entirely to the generosity of friends and family.

As a token of our gratitude: those who pre-ordered Re Entry will receive free admission to the show.

These Automatic Chargers

Fresh on the heels of their 'Head Full of Lightning' single. You need to free your mind so yer ass will follow... Come taste the band, the blues, the rock'n'roll, the sweat, the swing, the swagger, the moves like jagger, come drink to hard times brothers and sisters!

TAC are completing their new album as we speak with "Head Full of Lightning" currently loggin regular airplay on Off The Record (ROCK FM) and Hauraki's Locals Only.


With parallels in sound drawn to Nirvana, Chevelle, Filter and Shihad, Stitches are a unique and aggressive addition to the NZ hard rock armory.

Debut single 'Blood On Your Harem' is available literally everywhere - iTunes, GooglePlayMusic, Spotify, YouTube and then some. It's so omnipresently available that you've probably already bought a copy and don't even realise it.

If not, stop wasting time and grab yourself one ASAP.