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Monochrome Project

Date / Time Friday 23rd August 2013 / 7:00pm
Location Backbeat - Auckland
Venue Backbeat
Address 100 K rd CBD Auckland ( Above The Rockshop)
‘Monochrome Project’ was formed in early 2013 through the collaboration of Korean music students from the University of Auckland. Their EP release was held in February and the showcase turned out to be a huge success, selling a lot more tickets than anticipated. The ‘Monochrome Project’ EP is currently available on iTunes and other digital music stores.
The name ‘Monochrome Project’ was derived from the idea that the musicians contribute their own unique colours to the palette of music, which is then crafted collectively by the group, resulting in a harmonious colour of music. The group performs original songs as well as K-Pop covers that are influenced by jazz, modern rock, indie, and R&B.

Doors open at 7pm
$10 on the door!

See you then!