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Date / Time Friday 23rd August 2013 / 8:30pm
Location Auckland
Venue Kings Arms Tavern
Address 59 France Street South Newton
Johann Ward will be appearing at around 8:30 pm with his band IRSHA, comprising Bill Rootes(from Blackleaf Gardens) on rhythm/2nd lead guitar, Taylor Griffen(from Shards of Sky) on Drums, Vernon Katipa on bass and Emmanuel Ensink on Keys. They will do an approximately half hour instrumental set, with an emphasis on 'heavy', and as a certain famous ninja New Zealand musician would say "Dont expect no vocals".
Johann's contribution is listed by the Kings Arms as "The Johann Experience". While nice an complimentary, its not strictly accurate, since for starters they're a 5 piece, not a 3-piece! Also, the currently accepted name is IRSHA, being the opposite of inertia, which fits with their defining characteristic of amazing twists and turns in rhythm, tonality and texture, with the ability to change direction quicker than a knife in Cairo. Scintillating and scorching guitar riffs, charging melodies(at times catchy!) and high density bass/drum runs, are the order of the night, with an overall sound somewhere between Dream Theatre, Yes and Steve Vai, but really they are their own sound(all tunes written by Johann). And yes, they're all "in"irsha together, totally unstoppable..