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Backbeat presents Nameless Sons, New Telepathics and The Barnsheiks

Date / Time Saturday 15th September 2012 / 8:00pm
Location Auckland
Venue Backbeat
Address 1/100 KRd (above the Rockshop)
NAMELESS SONS Paul McLaney has been releasing quality music, solo, or with others, for over 10 years. In that time he's collaborated with the likes of Concord Dawn, Anika Moa, Module, Rhian Sheehan and Fly My Pretties.

New project, Nameless Sons has been in the pipeline for some time, thankfully they are here at Backbeat performing on the 15th September!

NEW TELEPATHICS is based around the music of New Zealand born, German resident, Darryn Harkness, who, in addition to his work with UK band Serafin, has spent the last few years touring and recording New Telepathics throughout Europe with his fellow 'Telepathic Research Agents'.

Gore born, Auckland raised Harkness is bringing New Telepathics (including members of The Orb and Sun Ra Arkestra) to New Zealand to perform and commence recording their next album.

THE BARNSHEIKS is a new project from Marcus Lawson (Lucid3, Dave Dobbyn Band) and Ben Collier (Goldenhorse)
They are an original Blues Trio with a Johnny Winter / Rory Gallagher flavour and to put it bluntly, they feckin Rock!