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The Murder Chord- Swarm four release tour 2012

Date / Time Friday 24th August 2012 / 8:00pm
Location Auckland
Venue Backbeat
Address 1/100 karanagahape rd ( above the rockshop)
Friday the 24th August Backbeat welcomes you along to The Murder Chord- The Swarm four release tour 2012 along with special guests!

Piano and drums special ops taskforce- The Murder Chord was formed in 2008, by two drummers from two punk rock bands; Dave from Missing teeth and Ryan form Real real sick.

Surpassing any normal classification the MurderChord have launched a relentless attack on the live front exposing crowds in lounges, garages, driveways, roller skating rinks, backs of moving (stationary) trucks; crammed in, spaced out, fucked up, expensive, free, hard-core, ska, metal, punkrock, rock and or roll, solo shows and more!

With Puppykiller HQ and recording studio "The Dank" literally under their asses the duo haven't been shy about laying down their intense recipe for a mind altering sonic assult either.

What the Dresden Dolls would sound like if they were Slayer. Like a Piano falling off the back of a truck...only louder. Nick Caves birthday party in wonderland featuring Tom Waits and a buttload of acid.