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Lead Guitar Lessons (#5401)

My name is Alfred Potter and I'm offering an extensive course in lead rock and metal guitar techniques. I'm 25 years old and dead-center in the Wellington CBD.

With enough hard work on your part, I can make you a master of picking, tapping, legato and sweep picking by assigning you with pages of in-depth notes and personalised and targeted exercises. More importantly, I will show you how to use these techniques in context and how to create coherent solos. I also love to teach music theory and the "Modes".

First lesson is free! In this preliminary lesson we will address your goals and make a plan to achieve them. From there, it's all go!

I'm a very cheap $40 per hour session. However this is negotiable. I'm not fussed. Teaching is a passion of mine =)

0273928036 (2 underscores)

Check out my website for all sorts of licks, jam tracks, lessons, and to see me playing.

Here's an example of my playing!
414 10th March 2016 View all items from this person
Author Alfred Potter
Location Wellington
Type Available
Category Music Teachers
Expires 10th March 2017