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Bass Player Available (#5705)

Bass or Keyboard Player Available

I am a mature bass and keyboard player with experience in various rock genres and cabaret music seriously looking for a group to join.
I have played in a variety of bands playing keyboards and bass in the Rock/Classic Rock genre in a semi-professional capacity over many years and I have contributed to backing singing as well.
I am looking for some people to play with, as music is a major part of my life - most days I play an instrument as part of my "soul food". I have lots of time, energy and enthusiasm and I am totally reliable.
I have excellent musical equipment and good transport. With a background in electronics and computing, I can contribute to technical issues, settings and repairs etc. I also have a strong background in music theory and musical knowledge.
146 19th October 2016 View all items from this person
Author George Drayton
Location Christchurch
Type Available
Category Musicians - Bass Players
Expires 17th January 2017