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Experienced flute tutor (#5253)

I am experienced in the tutoring industry, having worked for the reputable company Tutoring Australasia. I taught students core skills in English, Maths and Economics.
I am enrolled as a teacher for 2016 at the Wellington High School Community Education Centre.
My music qualifications follow as: Grade 7 in musical performance (flute) and Grade 4 in musical theory.
I have also had great fun babysitting kids and can provide a number to provide reference for this if needed.
My ability to teach kids or adults of a range of abilities along with my relatively low hourly rate is testament to my value as a flute tutor.
Please contact me if you are interested or have any queries.
291 25th November 2015 View all items from this person
Author Claudia O'Neil
Location Wellington
Type Available
Category Music Teachers
Expires 24th November 2016