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Sax / Guitarist / vocals seeks Band-mates (#5540)

I play Sax and Guitar, plus Lead vocals & BV's

Looking for a chance to play with a new band.

Have gigged with a few bands before - some covers, some original.

Pretty wide range of influences & interests:
* Rock
* Blues
* Ska/Reggae
* Funk
* ('some' Jazz)
* (pretty much anything but hard Metal)

Interested in meeting-up for a jam, but Def. prefer to have a longer term 'jam with a plan'. i.e. looking to Gig semi-regularly; i.e. I don't wanna quit my day-job, but I also like to invest some time and effort into a project and see it through to fruition
89 27th June 2016 View all items from this person
Author Eddy Winter
Location Wellington
Type Available
Category Other
Expires 25th September 2016