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Posted by on 24 March 2015


Pre Amps

VS PREAMPS Truly Capture Your Performance

Preamps are the Ears of Your DAW
By Roland US

When choosing an audio interface, preamps are often overlooked despite the significant role they play in determining what a recording actually sounds like. A well-spec’d audio interface with bad preamps will result in a bad recording. Why? Because preamps are the ears of your DAW. How well a preamp performs determines the sound quality of your recording.

Ever since digital multitrack recording became accessible to the “everyday” musician in the nineties, Roland has been developing ground-breaking products, starting with the DM-80, the VS-880 and the RAP-10. This deep knowledge and long-term experience of creating digital recording products is evident in Roland’s three latest audio interfaces, the STUDIO-CAPTURE, OCTA-CAPTURE and QUAD-CAPTURE. All three interfaces feature VS PREAMP technology to ensure your music has the best sonic clarity possible.

For the longest time before accepting a piano gig, there were always three thoughts that looped in my head over and over again—one, the weight of my stage piano; two, the size of my stage piano; and three, the trade-off of substituting my stage piano for a light piano. Aside from my moaning and groaning, I’ll have you know that I always ended up taking my 88-key beast to the gig. This type of instrument can easily weigh 60 pounds or more, not to mention the added weight and size of the case. Ugh! The entire package can easily weigh about 150 pounds. Without a buddy to help me move it, I thought my back would snap, especially after the gig while struggling to fit it into my car. However, the biggest killer was having to carry it up to my third floor apartment. What a drag! Fortunately, I’ve now found an excellent alternative to lugging around a full-size stage piano to every show. 

Preamps are one of the most important components in an audio interface. They provide the ability to connect dynamic and condenser microphones and can supply dedicated phantom power to mics that require it. Basically, a microphone’s signal level is very limited and needs to be amplified to achieve suitable recording levels.

In addition, the preamp has to minimize noise which can be introduced during the amplification process. Preamp design that provides proper gain and avoids noise requires long-term and precise knowledge of circuit design. Quality preamps are essential for high quality recordings.

What are VS PREAMPs?

Roland’s VS PREAMPs are widely acclaimed for their pristine and transparent sound. Developed from the same class A preamp circuitry found in our V-Mixer series of professional mixing consoles, these premium-quality mic preamps deliver an accurate, neutral sound across the entire frequency spectrum, with no bias toward any particular frequency band.

VS PREAMPs also deliver lots of headroom. Increasing the headroom in mic preamps typically results in problems with the signal-to-noise ratio; however, with our latest power supply circuitry, we’re able to minimize noise levels while providing a wider dynamic range. With huge headroom and top-level sound quality, you can easily record sources with a wide dynamic range, such as acoustic drums and percussion instruments, with professional results.

Quality preamps are absolutely vital to quality recordings and an essential part of any audio interface. Roland’s VS PREAMPs provide low noise with high-quality, class A circuitry and huge headroom, bringing pro-quality recording with stunning clarity to your studio.

Roland Capture Series with VS PREAMPs